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Welcome to the TYC website!

On this site, you'll be able to:
  • RSVP for events and, for some events, pre-pay on line.
  • Change your preference for receiving club emails, and Westerlies in the mail, and update your email address.
  • View the membership directory online (visible only to TYC members), edit your personal information and control what is kept private.
The tips below will help get you started.  If you really need help, email the webmasters.

  • Why log in?
    1. To access member-only pages, including RSVP lists.
    2. When you register for events, your information is filled in.  Some registrations are only open to members.
    3. To update your contact information and mail preferences.
  • To log in, click Login in the upper right, and then Forgot password to create a password for your personal account.
  • When you log in on your own computer, check "Remember me" so you don't have to log in each time.
  • If there are two people on your membership, you each have your own account.  You might find it easier to both use the primary member's account.  You will still need to log in as the other member to change their email address or preferences.

Your Account(s):  Every member has a personal account.  You can manage and change your personal settings, email address, email and mail preferences, and other personal information.  See Editing your Profile, below.

If you have a spouse or equivalent on your membership, then you each have your own account.  Your login is your email address.

If your spouse doesn't have a separate email address, then his or her login is your email address with the addition of "+" and their first initial.  For example, if your email is, and you share it with your wife Jane Doe, then her login is  It won't work as an email address; it's just to log in.

If neither of you have email addresses, then your login is your last name  So Fred Doe's login would be, and Jane's would be  Again, it's not an email address, just a login.

In either of these cases, you will not be able to reset the account's password via email.  Contact the webmaster, who will give you a password so you can log in and change it to something secure.

If there are two of you, then the primary member is called the Bundle Administrator and the other one is a Bundle Member.  We didn't pick these terms, but we always encourage bundling.

Editing your Profile:  You can manage and change your personal information, and email address and preferences, in your profile.

To edit your profile, click your name at the upper right of any page, click View profile, and then Edit profile.

Existing members should have most of your information already entered.  New members should fill in the name of your spouse or partner, and how you want to be addressed as a couple. 

If your email address or mailing address changes, you can make the change yourself in your profile.  You can select whether you want Westerlies sent to you by snail mail.  (You can always view Westerlies in color online.)

Click the Privacy link near the top to control what personal information is visible to other members in the online Member Directory. 

Click the Email subscriptions link to control what emails you receive. 

  • Manual email blasts puts you on or off the club spam list.
  • Event announcements controls automated reminders when you have registered for an event.  Currently we don't send those. 
  • Forum subscriptions doesn't do anything now.  Eventually we may use it for specialized mailing lists, such as race, cruise or social alerts.

Learning More:  This 10 minute video is a general introduction to this type of website.  It might be more than you need to know.

Administrators:  Links to help pages for admins are on this page.

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